The Value Creation Catalyst

Create Distinctive Products and High-Value Experiences for your Ideal Customers

What is the VCC?

The Value Creation Catalyst is a comprehensive, yet rapid consulting service to create superior products and high-value customer experiences.

The VCC is tailored to the specific needs of providers of physical products and services that don‘t (yet) have large research departments, tons of development staff, or the capacity for long-term, large-scale initiatives.

What will the VCC Help Me With?

In three steps the Value Creation Catalyst will help you develop the strategies required to create both a distinctive product design AND a high-value product experience that sets you apart from the competition. In summary the VCC focuses on:

  • Creating distinctive solutions that differentiate your company and build brand value.
  • Designing not only a superior product, but also a high-value and brandworthy product experience around it.
  • Finding new ways to provide relevant value to your ideal and most rewarding customers.

Is the VCC Right For Me?

Yes, if…

  • you intend to create a holistically meaningful and valuable product experience, not just a new product.
  • you intend to position yourself as a premium provider in your segment.

No, if…

  • you are only interested in making a new product look good.
  • your company’s strategy is to be the cheapest.
  • you are not ready to have your ideas, approaches and views challenged.

The VCC Process

Step 1

Brand Differentiation Strategy

Within a 1-day workshop we’re carving out your company’s onlyness factors and create clarity around how to translate them into guiding principles for your product, service and experience development.

  • Defining the unique traits and qualities of your company and its solutions
  • Formulating the guiding brand purpose & ideology
  • Defining your ideal customers
  • Identifying the key value drivers for customer loyalty

Result: A clearly defined and differented value creation strategy.

Step 2

Product Design Strategy

Starting with a half-day clarification workshop, followed by 3 to 5 days of in-depth research, and concluded by a co-creative decision-making session, we will (re)define how your products and services need to be executed to be as customer-centric, business-focused, and brand-worthy as possible.

  • In-depth study of the ideal target customer’s behavior and needs
  • Defining the decision-influencing factors of your ideal customer
  • Screening of competitors
  • Exploring innovation potential
  • Business Strategy Alignment

Result: An insight-based design strategy to guide your engineers, developers and designers.

Step 3

Customer Experience Strategy

The value of a company and its products is ultimately determined by the quality of the experience they provide. Using a mix of internal group sessions and in-field research, we will (re)create a Customer Journey that will delight your customers from the first step to the last.

1. Discovery of Potential

  • Employee Experience Survey
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Key Moments Definition
  • Customer Expectation Analysis
  • Identifying pain or stress points, inefficiencies, redundancies or inconsistencies
  • Gap Detection

2. Customer Experience Design

  • Customer Journey Addjustments
  • Experience Improvement Strategy
  • Brand Value Injection
  • Creating Signature Moments

Result: An experience design blueprint tailored to your ideal customers and briefing with recommendations on implementation.

„When we hired Stefan, our company was suffering from an outdated public appearance that completely undermined the special quality of our service and made it look unprofessional. After a short time, we realized that Baselift’s approach was not to unquestioningly throw up the new homepage we had requested, but to solve our problem holistically. With Stefan’s help, we implemented many changes to our corporate communications and were able to develop a consistent, high-quality experience for our customers.

Marcel Martin, CEO Bürgel GmbH
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